How Do You Define Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing encloses the idea of marketing the business online. It mainly concentrates on the group of people who are in search of a particular product or services and the company who are marketing about their product online.

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers

Basically digital marketing is internet based strategy used for marketing.

At present developing technology Advertising and promotion of business are no longer left in traditional way as to door -to-door publishing, It’s when Digital marketing comes to picture

Basically digital marketing is internet based strategy used for marketing. There are different methods through which it can be achieved:

Search engine optimization (SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Content marketing, Influencer marketing, Campaign marketing, E-commerce marketing, E-mail direct marketing, Affiliate marketing, Web analytics, Video marketing, Website planning, Mobile marketing etc.

The initial traces of digital marketing was seen in early years of 2000, with more and more of internet users and innovation of advanced technologies which helped people to get things done through internet. From 2005 on-wards digital marketing became more sophisticated with the development of social media.

People started to buy electronic things, clothing, grocery and every small or big daily necessary product, due to which there was huge requirement of digital marketing

Digital marketing is still in the initial stages in India, as companies are adapting digital marketing into their business there is a huge scope of improvement in marketing field. With the increase of internet usage and development in technology Scope of digital marketing in India will get bigger and better in coming years.

As of today’s trend you upgrade your business by implementing Digital marketing into your business and be in one of the top rated company by Google. We will help you achieve that gold of yours

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is skill set to get the website on top of the organic results on search engine result page. Optimizing mainly means to improve the skill set so that the website appears at top in the natural result or organic results.

We at Twizzlersoft helps your business to be grow on top position and get more conversions through SEO. We give services both in ON-Page SEO and OFF-Page SEO. We follow according to the SEO strategy as white-hat SEO.

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The most important platform to execute your marketing strategy is a website. When the websites are optimized, SEO performed its mainly to get your business online at top most resuts.


This is one of the important sites where in SEO plays a crucial role where as to compete with the other blogging sites. Since Digital marketing is growing now a days and there is increase rate in blogging sites SEO helps you to get organized as the content which goes inside will be as per SEO standards.


It is the systematic representation of information with graphics, making it SEO friendly will increase the chances of your business getting more traffic towards your website. Marketing would become much more easier as it even reaches a person who doesn’t know to read.

There are different methods through which it can be achieved

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Marketing Basics

The fundamentals of marketing is very important for any business to have good return on investments (ROI). We at Twizzlersoft, help you to get your target audience driving towards your site, by effective implementation of Digital Marketing.

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Search Engine Optimazation

When we do Google for any information we will be getting a list of results from which a client would be satisfied to get his query answered. In an owner perspective using Digital marketing and implementation of SEO will increase your chances of boosting your business on another level.

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Become a Blogger

Digital marketing helps to learn a part of content writing as well. So a good digital marketer can also have more chances to own a blog, and become a blogger. This in-turn helps to increase the business, and marketing of the products.

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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is form of advertising your business online, which also takes SEO into consideration, which takes steps like rewriting the content, site architecture to achieve higher ranking.

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Affiliate Marketing

Did you even know you can earn money online, marketing some ones else product and in-turn get benefitted by using one of the Digital Marketing strategy called affiliate marketing. We at Twizzlersoft help you, give ideas of how to get traffic to your site and earn money.

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Social Media Marketing

Trends are getting changed as internet users are increasing and the emerge of social media has led to marketing of your business through social media. All kinds of online services are provided so as to keep clients and customers informed about the business through all forms of social media. Digital marketing major parts of marketing platforms falls under social media.

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Having a digital marketing strategy implemented on the website is not sufficient, going through how the market is working, what are the changes needed to improve the marketing skills in your business is determined by analytics. We help you to get all the statistics regarding how well the website is performing for your business.

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Email Marketing

Email is an old style of communicating information online. But by the invent of digital marketing its been now more easy to communicate and promote the business through mails. It gives more trust to the customers as they receive mails from genuine brands, thus can increase the marketing rate and over all business.