About Us

Twizzlersoft Web experts having 4+ years of experience to assist you in achieving your goals from the simplest static site to full-blown content managed enterprise solutions. At our Web Designing Company Bangalore,India, our Web Designers and Developers are dedicated to producing quality business websites. We offer a full Web Service, which begins with design and carries through to Internet Marketing, SEO, and beyond.You can view projects that we have recently launched in our web portfolio here: twizzlersoft.com/works

Twizzlersoft specializes in building successful online businesses and relations with the clients. Our experience covers a broad spectrum of businesses and we catered so far large number of clients from:

  • Small and Medium Size Clients
  • Corporate Clients
  • Education Sector
  • Service Industry-Travel, Hospitality, Architects, Recruitment Consultants
  • Health Care and Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Property market in respect of real estate agents, property developers, builders and contractors

Our Process

  1. Requirement Gathering

    We understand the requirement of our clients and focus on their business goals.We also try to gather more information such as the Website purpose and its target audience.

  2. Planning Process

    Now that we have understood the requirements, we go ahead and create a prototype based on our understanding and get the approval from the clients.

  3. Designing Process

    Attractive design is what everyone looks for in any application/ website. We design 2 samples for our clients to select from.

  4. Development Process

    Once clients confirm the design, we go ahead and develop as per the requirements and functionalities.

    Our developers get into the development perfectly matching requirements.

  5. Testing

    The final phase after development, we now check if all the functions of the product is working perfectly fine and then do necessary changes if required.

  6. Launch

    Once all the above process is completed the product would now be ready to launch. The product will be hosted for your customers can view and start interacting with your business.


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